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Reach out to others, and above all...Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5 

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Our Mission: "To support, educate, and expand research on behalf of the hydrocephalus community."   





Welcome to Hydro Angels Over America (HAOA)


No. You are not alone.
Yes. We all feel this way sometimes.
No. You won't always feel like this.

  You are here because you or a loved one has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus.You are at the right  place.The most vital information we can offer you right now, is the knowledge and comfort of knowing, you are not alone.

  One of the most important things you can do as a person living with hydrocephalus or as a family member coping with the unknown is to become informed, and stay informed. You are taking the right steps by visiting our website and learning about our nonprofit organization. Take time to search our site and discover all the programs and services we offer the hydrocephalus community.

What do we do? 
 Hydro Angels Over America (HAOA) provides education, support, resources, and assists in finding medical care. We are a giving nonprofit. Through our benevolent services we help individuals and families with financial assistance through our Hydro Health assistance program. We also offer a burial assistance service called Project Daisy. We grant continuing education scholarships to students living with hydrocephalus. We make dreams come true for adults living with hydrocephalus. We also make holiday miracles come true. We believe in having fun too! This is why we created the world’s only Hydro Camp for families dealing with hydrocephalus.We also host many fun, educational, & fund-raising events. We are proactive in pushing for more research to better understand hydrocephalus, improve treatment options, and find a cure for hydrocephalus. We are a national nonprofit offering support to infants to elderly living with hydrocephalus. Again, take your time and get to know us. If we can help you or you would like more information about one of our programs or services, please contact us. Don't forget to visit our Hydro Store!

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We strive to be part of  the solution of improving the lives of infants to elderly who are living with hydrocephalus and their families. We extend our reach and impact by leveraging our experience and strong relationships with our community to continuously improve and expand our core programs, while also developing new services to address the unique needs of the hydrocephalus community we serve. We don't do it alone. We rely on our strong relationships with the medical community to provide access to health care & expand research. We rely on strategic alliances with organizations that have the knowledge and infrastructure to extend our reach. We rely on you - our donors, volunteers, staff and friends.

Hope is the primary source of strength and support for the infants to elderly we serve. We are proud to be a source of hope.

Family First - We believe that our families deserve the highest quality of service, respect, kindness and compassion.

Stewardship - We will faithfully utilize and protect our resources, both financial and human.

Inspiration - We value the enthusiasm and energy of visionary thinking and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

The beautiful faces of those living with hydrocephalus

Over 1 million Americans have hydrocephalus
Awareness Matters